Elite athletes’ experiences of musculoskeletal pain management using neuroanatomical dry needling (naDN): A qualitative study in Swedish track and field

A qualitative study in Swedish track and field

Richard Thompson a*, Mårten Prosell b*, Toomas Timpkaa*
a, Athletics Research Center. Linköping University, Sweden
b, Doloradix AB, Sweden

This qualitative study was based on the thematic analysis method.13 It is reported in line with the Consolidated Criteria for Reporting Qualitative Research (COREQ) guidelines.14 The study design was approved by the regional ethics committee in Linköping, Sweden (2018/484-31). All participation was voluntary and informed written consent was obtained from all participants. Participants were not involved in the design, conduct, reporting, or dissemination of this research.

The study was performed in the Swedish elite track and field setting. The inclusion criteria were (1) current or former elite athlete, (2) history of longstanding MSKP (>3 months), and (3) treated at the study clinic (2016–2018). Elite athlete was defined as a track and field athlete competing/having competed in senior championships at national or international level, e.g. the Swedish, European or World Championships. The study clinic specialises in treating MSKP through the application of naDN.

”För att vetenskapligt kvalitetskontrollera Doloradixmetoden (naDN®) genomförde vi 2019/2020 en studie på svenska landslagsfriidrottare tillsammans med Linköpings Universitet.”

”You see what you know.”

– Mårten Prosell, CEO